Add ribbon button to one list or library in SharePoint 2010

Sometimes You need to add a new button to the list’s/library’s ribbon – nothing more simple than that. You jut need to create a new SharePoint project, add a feature, add an empty element with an Elements.xml file and define in it XML structure that will represent the new bottom. (continue reading…)

JavaScript in IE and other browsers

There is known ‘feature’ about javascript .click() function. JavaScript document.getElementById(‘Control.ClientID’).click() simulates user click on a selected control(button, linkbutton, etc.). Very useful piece of code, but only for IE, because in other browsers(like firefox, chrome and the whole rest) it simply does nothing. In one of my projects I use this function very often and I had to make it work on all browser(or at least on firefox, and chrome).

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window.print() – manage Your pages!

Lately I had to use window.print() to do some reports printing and I encountred a small problem – how to print some dynamic generated html code from one window on a separate pages. After some research I’ve found a solution – CSS styles.

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