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SharePoint 2013 custom login page for Form-Based Authentication

Some time ago I have written the post about creating custom login page for SharePoint 2010. Many visitors asked me whether it works also for SharePoint 2013. The answer is: probably yes :). I haven’t tested it, but it should not cause any problems.

This way or another, I’ve decided to rewrite the page to be 100% SharePoint 2013 comaptibile.

At the end of this post You will find everything what’s needed to implement the solution in Your environment. Enjoy!
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Disable event firing outside an event receiver

Everybody, who at least once created a custom event receiver, knows property EventFiringEnabled(or DisableEventFiring method in SP2007). It allows to disable event firing, so SPListItem.Update() can be safely executed, without any other event receiver come in the way.

But what, when You want to disable event firing outside Your custom event receiver? There is a very simple way to do it. (continue reading…)

Sandbox custom list definition – “Save As” dialog 410 The webpage no longer exists error

Some time ago I have faced very annoying error while developing custom list definitions in sandbox solutions. Every time when I tried to save a file to a library based on my list definition I received an “410 The web page no longer exists” error. Google did not help me(there are some examples of fixes for similar problem, but all of them are talking about Farm solutions), so I tried to fix it on my own.

After spending some time looking at the schema.xml, I found a solution. Everything You have to do is to remove the view responsible for rendering the “Save As” dialog content. After making the modification in schema.xml and redeploying the solution, the “Save As” dialog started to work. (continue reading…)

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