Sharepoint users and developers have been hit by bugs with recent back end upgrades. Microsoft admitted that there had been problems and posted a bug list in a support note, which it has since been steadily chopping its way through. This of course is no good for those who build and run applications off the Microsoft application. This however is just one of the issues that Microsoft will have face this year as SharePoint expands its role within the company’s suite of services. This is the new wave that is carrying all before it from SharePoint to Poker.

Over 2013 Microsoft will seek to integrate Windows 8, Sharepoint 2013 and Office 2013 – all will not only share a common look and feel, and integrate Yammer (which Microsoft bought last year) but more importantly be connected to the Cloud. In fact the cloud version of the software is going to be the main focus. Cloud-ification seems to be a trend at the moment. Even in the world of online gaming and poker is the Cloud hanging over the landscape. With the rise of online poker came the rise of poker analytics, that allows you to keep a record of all your partypoker hands, stats, with handy graphs etc. The two largest movers in the market being Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager, however the newest player is intending to ‘make it Cloudy’ as James Brown might almost have said. is the product of two North Carolina graduates, Chaz Littlejohn and Bryon Zandt, who both also happen to love poker. Their innovation was to change from desktop applications and database servers to online servers and software. This primarily means that poker players are no longer tied to one computer where they might play the game most often. In future they will be able to have all their data captured whether they are fitting in a cheeky game in their lunch break at work, while round at a friend’s house or they are on holiday. SharePoint will also have the same advantages – although hopefully the users won’t be using it while on vacation.