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Preventing browser from cachning ASPX or ASCX content

Caching content by the browsers can be sometimes very annoying. I had problems with it,  mostly when I was developing some popup modal dialogs which showed aspx or ascx controls.

Thankfully, there is very simple solution how to disable content caching. You achieve it in two ways:

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The List cannot be displayed in Datasheet view Error

I often use Datasheet view in SharePoint to manipulate the data from the list. Few times I’ve met with the error “The List cannot be displayed in Datasheet view” when I tried to open the “excel” view.

This can be caused by an Office 2010 64-bit version installation on the local PC or even by the SharePoint Designer 2010 and happens only in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0(WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007(MOSS).

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