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How to make SQL Server indexes take less place?

I my work I had a task where I had to reduce the size of a database which was over 50 GB big. I focused on a one table which size was about 21 GB. I even started some discussion on the which helped me to achieve my goal. The disucssion is available here Also there is a step by step instruction what I did and where it lead me to. Maybe someone has a similar problem and this can save him hours of searching for the solution :)

Multilingual application using SPUtility and resx files

I don’t know if You’ve ever heard about SharePoint’s SPUtility class, but it contains many static methods that can really make Your life easier. One of those methods is SPUtility.GetLocalizedString. With this method You can get a localized string from Your’s .resx file which should be located at 12\TEMPLATE\Resources\.

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