There is known ‘feature’ about javascript .click() function. JavaScript document.getElementById(‘Control.ClientID’).click() simulates user click on a selected control(button, linkbutton, etc.). Very useful piece of code, but only for IE, because in other browsers(like firefox, chrome and the whole rest) it simply does nothing. In one of my projects I use this function very often and I had to make it work on all browser(or at least on firefox, and chrome).

To do this with very small amount of work I got the simple solution. To get it work You have to simply replace this ‘document.getElementById(‘Control.ClientID’).click()’ with this ‘__doPostBack(‘Control.UniqueID’, ”)’ and that’s the whole thing, because what click() really does when it’s called is running _doPostPack() with unique id of the clicked control. Now Your JavaScript click() will work fine on every browser :)