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SPJobDefinition as the way to create scheduled tasks

SPJobDefinition is an object from Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespace. By creating Your own class deriving from it, You can simply schedule any task by writting few(maybe a little more :)) lines of code. In derived class You have to create two constructors: one without parameters which will call default base constructor and one which defines parameters like task name, web application and so on.

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Isolated Storage and XmlSerializer as one of the methods for hidding configuration files

Long time no see :) Today I’ll give You a simple example on how to hide Your application configuration file using IsolatedStorage and a little help of XmlSerializer.

Sometimes You have to write some configuration file with common setup of Your application, but You don’t want somebody to find and edit it outside the application. .NET Framework comes with help named IsolatedStorage. When using it, application stores data in unique place, which depends on user, assembly, domain etc.(parameters can be mixed). This place is transparent even for developers, .NET Framework manages it all. Using it is very simple and helps to prevent users to make changes in Your files on their own.

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