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McNaughton’s algorithm

Short and quick post. I publish a Windows Forms application written by myself for my studies. Purpose of this simple program is scheduling tasks with the McNaughton’s algorithm. You can entry a number of processors and tasks(by name and duration) and application will schedule this tasks on the entered processors. This program is very simple, but maybe someone will find it useful. (continue reading…)

Gantt chart? Why not!

Today I’ll write about a great thing that I’ve found and which saved me a lot of time – one of Microsoft dll’s. Few days ago when I was doing some application for my studies I needed to create a simple Gantt chart showing some data which I’d provide. At the beginning I thought that I’ll have to create my own control, but after a short research(thank you google) I’ve found Microsoft dll which I’ve never heard of. In Windows Forms it’s under the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting namespace and it’s represented by a Chart object.

(continue reading…)

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